Queen's Commerce Orientation Week Bursary Form

Please see the form below if you wish to apply to the Queen's Commerce Orientation Week Bursary Fund. If you have any questions about bursaries , please reach out to:

Parker Brown

Commerce Executive on Orientation Technical Director


Michael Kagan

Commerce Executive on Orientation Finance & Academics Director


Taylor Kim

Commerce Executive on Orientation Chair


Bursary Application
Please fill in the form below in its entirety.
All applications will be kept confidential.
Are you accessing government-sponsored student assistance (ex. OSAP or out-of-province equivalent)?
Are you the recipient of a Queen's needs-based scholarship, bursary, or work-study placement?
Are you the recipient of a third-party bursary or other financial need-based awards for post-secondary studies?
Are you accessing a student line-of-credit or other forms of student loans?
By checking this box below, I herby declare that the information provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I certify that this application presents an accurate representation of my financial position.