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The Commerce Executive on Orientation (CEO) coordinates all of the behind the scenes work for Orientation Week.  They consist of a group of third year students who are passionate about Orientation Week and want to see it continue to be a success each year.  This team makes the Orientation Week happen and has been planning for almost an entire year!  From sponsorship to event planning, the CEO gets it done.  Get to know each of the CEO below!

Taylor Kim


Sam Lampert

Logistics Coordinator

Lauren Delano

Logistics Coordinator

Bari Altow

Leadership Director

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Sydney Bodenstab

Sponsorship Coordinator

Nathan Wiseman

Sponsorship Coordinator

Michael Kagan

Treasurer & Academics


Rachel Brooks

Marketing Director

Parker Brown

Technical Director

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Taylor Errington

Special Events Coordinator

Victoria Chukwuma

First-Year Representative

Taylor Kim: Chair

CEO is absolutely delighted to present this year’s Chair, Taylor Kim – otherwise known as TK. Hailing from Toronto, Taylor came to Queen’s with a passion for change and an appreciation of tradition. She quickly left her mark by securing not one, not two, but three First Year Representative positions – a feat which few have braved. It was during her first year at Smith that TK came face to face with her true love: QLEAD. Since she first locked eyes with the conference, Taylor hasn’t been able to give up the allure of leadership, excellence and development. TK translates this passion for student-experience to CEO, where she fearlessly spearheads the most elaborate orientation week of its kind. To accomplish this daunting task, TK relies on the most sought-after weapons in her arsenal: creative adjectives and a booming voice. If you ever find yourself in need of a thesaurus, don’t fret. Simply give TK a call and she will be more than willing to offer an endless supply of rather creative descriptors. The depth of her knowledge is endless and is one of the reasons why she is a stupendous asset to this team. Don’t let Taylor’s calm, cool and collected demeanor fool you though; she is more than capable of unleashing a yell that leaves most cowering in fear. We’re not sure if it’s years of secret drama lessons or simply a hidden talent, Taylor’s voice can be heard echoing off the nearest space shuttle orbiting Earth. But don’t let this deter you from saying hi in the hallways! Taylor is beyond excited to meet each and every one of you, and use her positive attitude and infectious smile to brighten everyone’s day! Just make sure to not challenge TK to a public rap battle, lest others begin questioning the program’s prestige.

Sam Lampert: Logistics Coordinator

Sam Lampert was born in Toronto, Ontario at the North York General Hospital on August 15, 2000 at 3:36pm alongside his twin sister, and is one of the Logistics Coordinators this year on CEO. Throughout his childhood, adults were always impressed by how sophisticated, mature, responsible, and hard-working Sam was. By the age of 3, Sam was already crunching the numbers on Excel while other kids were playing with their Tamagochies. He was already snacking on dark chocolate covered almonds while other kids were eating razzles. Sam’s pristine reputation followed him to Queen’s. He is the Talent Strategy Officer (TSO) for the Commerce Society and so far has been doing an amazing job strategizing talent. He is also the Internal Events Coordinator of Board Meeting. In this role, Sam organizes movie nights, nature hikes, and potlucks so team members can interact with each other in an informal setting and get to know each other better! Sam is also making strides in his professional career. He is also extremely excited to have started his internship at RSM Canada as an Audit Intern as he is looking forward to gaining a better understanding of how businesses function from a financial perspective, and to apply this learning throughout his career (as he expressed on his favourite professional networking site LinkedIn). When Sam takes a break from auditing and posting on his Linkedin, he likes to take a walk to his local convenience store to buy his favourite juice. He also likes exploring nature and discovering new plants! As the Logistics Coordinator on CEO, Sam is working night and day to ensure incoming students have an incredible week. In this role, Sams organizational skills shine. What would the CEO do without him?

Lauren Delano: Logistics Coordinator

This is Lauren “The Machine” Delano, one of this year's Logistics Coordinators. Within the team, she is known as the better half of the dynamic logistics duo. Outside of the team, she is known for her incredible work ethic and all-around good vibes. Lauren is so deeply involved in the commerce society through her leadership in many clubs. She has led a team of students to build shelters in Guatemala, as well as leading many commerce students to build bonds with each other over karaoke. Now, she has put her focus on providing the incoming students with the best orientation week possible. Lauren is always at 100%, and we are all so grateful that she is a member of this team.

Bari Altow: Leadership Director

Hailing from the hustling and bustling urban center of Toronto, Ontario is our very own Bari “Baltow” Altow. As our Leadership Coordinator, Bari has been training all of your lovely Bosses to give you the best week ever! Running training modules, working with external stakeholders, and facilitating group bonding are just a handful of Bari’s responsibilities in this role. But this isn’t Bari’s first rodeo. Last year, Bari was the first-year representative for CEO, and as such, she brings some veteran insight into all things Orientation Week. Outside of CEO, Bari is a consultant on the premier non-profit consulting club, FreshSight, and is involved in the annual Vogue Charity Fashion Show. During the year, you are likely to see Bari leading Zumba classes at the ARC or at her favourite field on campus, Nixon. Bari is without a question one of CEO’s finest, as she is incredibly well-spoken, dedicated, and has an unbeatable record of punctuality. Smith Commerce class of 2024, meet your Leadership Coordinator, Bari Altow!

Sydney Bodenstab: Sponsorship Coordinator

Sydney Jenny Bodenstab is one half of our fantastic Sponsorship Team! As a Bermudian, Sydney knows that it is her civic duty to bring the “Island Vibes” everywhere she goes and Queen’s University is no exception. Sydney is a ray of sunshine and can be spotted giggling, dancing, swizzling, and brightening up Goodes Hall every day. On top of her commitment to CEO, Sydney is the Events Director of the Exchange and Transfer Committee and the Chief Operating Officer of QLEAN, a dry cleaning service that runs right out of Goodes Hall. Some of Sydney’s best memories are with QLEAN, in which she worked tirelessly dry cleaning clothes by hand and with heart. Sydney can also speak Spanish, excelled in her work in an aquarium with rare fish, and has a giant pet bunny! Despite being an ocean apart, Sydney is an integral part of our team and has worked extremely hard to ensure that this Orientation Week will be the best one yet. If you ever need help in Statistics Class or just want someone to talk to about life, Sydney is your girl. She is the kindest, most thoughtful, and compassionate person we know and she can’t wait to meet you all! As they say in the Bermudian mother tongue, “Oil Thigh Na Ban Ragan!”

Nathan Wiseman: Sponsorship Coordinator

Coming all the way from London, ON, is one of our amazing Sponsorship Coordinators, Nathan Nico Wiseman. This genuine, dedicated, and funloving guy is one of the most valuable members on CEO. Nate brings unparalleled energy to everything he does, and if you get to see his ONE dance move you will experience this first hand. When Nate isn’t focused on making this week possible, you can find him mastering excel dashboards and flooring the competition in amateur darts. He is always the first person to lend a helping hand; whether it is with school work, personal projects, or cleaning - he is a man of many talents. We are so fortunate to have Nate on our team, and we have loved watching him take on this role and its ever-changing responsibilities and really excel! Nate never fails to make everyone around him smile with his positivity, amazing character, and luscious voice. Nate can’t wait for Orientation Week and is remarkably excited about welcoming the incoming class of COMM ’24!

Michael Kagan: Finance & Academics

Michael Susanne Kagan, the man with too many muscles, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, is this year's Finance & Academics Director on the CEO. Michael is known for his vlogs on his infamous YouTube channel and has a semi-famous video which I am sure that you have seen. In Michael's free time, he enjoys watching the Queen's Varsity Soccer team play, and he loves to discuss sports highlights of any kind. An interesting fact about Michael is that he is a national champion in 10-pin bowling and is known for his active presence in the Kingston bowling community. When Michael is not teaching the bosses about Managerial Accounting, Statistics, and managing money, he spends a lot of his time coordinating delegates on QSIC and running events with the QCMHA. Michael is a bundle of energy and the CEO is extremely lucky to have him on the team.


Rachel Brooks: Marketing Director

Born and raised downtown Toronto, is our beloved Marketing Director, Rachel Brooks. We can always count on Rachel to think outside the box with her astonishing ideas, always stretching our boundaries. After being selected as a field hockey goalie, and thriving in the position, Rachel not only realized her passion for athletics but discovered the importance of taking every opportunity to try new things. Rachel consistently puts her all into everything she does, and this has been evident through her contributions to QLEAD and QCLS here at Queens. Furthermore, Rachel has a secret talent of her remarkable abilities to work under pressure. No matter the time of day, Rachel manages to get it done! She enjoys spending her free time enjoying nature, singing and watching TikToks. Rachel is a ray of sunshine, who consistently has the same, unique energy. Rachel cannot wait to welcome COMM’24.

Parker Brown: Technical Director

Hailing all the way from the Styx, Parker “sidoB” Brown is the CEO’s Technical Director for 2020, and we are so excited to have him as part of the team. Parker has been called “a technological gift to humankind” and we are so thankful that we will be able to leverage his considerable knowledge of coding and software development in order to bring you the best possible Orientation Week experience. Technology is only a small part of what Parker brings to the table, as he is a man of many talents (23 to be exact). He was once viewed as Canada’s next great figure skater, and while that dream has been put on hold as he pursues his degree at Smith, he will go down in history as the first and only Canadian to ever successfully attempt the Iron Lotus. He is also an incredibly talented musician, and his band “Odyssey” is one of the hottest up-and-coming groups in the Kingston grunge-country scene. While his flashy dressing and electric dance moves might make him seem intimidating, Parker is an absolute sweetheart and an incredibly caring person, and he has helped the Cure Cancer Classic team at Queen’s to raise thousands towards cancer research. Parker is the definition of a Renaissance Man, and we can’t wait to see him during Orientation Week 2020!

Taylor Errington: Special Events Coordinator

CEO is delighted to introduce Markham’s finest and CEO’s 2020 Special Events Coordinator, Taylor Errington. Taylor is an energetic and positive individual, who is passionate about creating an inclusive and comfortable environment for all. She is determined and puts 140% into everything she does. Taylor truly embodies the definition of being SMALL but MIGHTY. When she isn’t acting in shows and commercials, you can find her on stage showing off her amazing dance moves. Taylor loves to travel, spend time with her family, and play with her cute French bulldog. She has a contagious laugh and a smile that can light up the room. She isn’t afraid to try new things and loves to get involved. If you see Taylor around the halls, make sure to challenge her to a dance-off. However, odds are she’ll win. Taylor can’t wait for Orientation ‘20 and to meet the amazing class of 2024!

Victoria Chukwuma: First-Year Representative

Coming from Mississauga Ontario, it is CEO’s pleasure to introduce Victoria Chukwama (Chukes for short) as the 2019-2020 First-Year Representative. Victoria is a passionate and driven individual who is always chasing after her dreams, no matter how big they are. Victoria’s entrepreneurial spirit started at a very young age when she dropped her very first single “Super star” and has been promoting her singing ever since. Since coming to university, Victoria has always been involved outside of the classroom including CEO, QBAS, and QSCORE. Other than singing and her club work, Victoria’s hobbies include dancing, making others laugh, and watching movies (preferably at cineplex). When she isn’t hanging out with the CEO, Victoria loves spending time with her family and friends during her free time. Victoria’s passion for orientation week is undeniable and she cannot wait to welcome the class of COMM ’24 during Orientation week ‘20! CEO is so lucky to have Victoria on our team.