The Commerce Executive on Orientation (CEO) coordinates all of the behind the scenes work for Orientation Week.  They consist of a group of third year students who are passionate about Orientation Week and want to see it continue to be a success each year.  This team makes the Orientation Week happen and has been planning for almost and entire year!  From sponsorship to event planning, the CEO gets it done.  Get to know each of the CEO below!

Kaleigh MacPherson


Thomas Di Sebastiano

Logistics Coordinator

Mikayla Mangotich

Logistics Coordinator

William Cao

Leadership Director

Caitlyn Baillie

Sponsorship Coordinator

Sydney Cohn

Sponsorship Coordinator

Conor Commons

Treasurer & Academics

Jade Buckley

Marketing Director

Jordana Borzellino

Technical Director

Aidan Moore

Special Events Coordinator

Bari Altow

First-Year Representative

Kaleigh MacPherson: Chair

Traveling all the way from Halifax is this year’s Chair of CEO, Kaleigh Clyde MacPherson. With her shining smile and contagious laugh, she quickly made her mark through her commitment and passion to the program. Being the first-year rep on CEO in 2018, Kal championed tradition and change and has carried these values with her as Chair. Additionally, Kal was also the first-year representative on Board Meeting, in which she had the opportunity to network and connect with many students from all years of the Commerce Program.  She is super willing to give a helping hand and is one of the most approachable, friendly, and caring people we know. Not to mention, over her two years at Queens, Kal has become famous at Smith for giving the BEST hugs. While she has been able to hone these essential skills, we don’t suggest you challenging her to a rap battle… that’s an area she’s still working on. As a proud Commie from the East Coast, she ensures her roots shine through everything she does; you might even catch her around Goodes with her pincher fingers, imitating the actions of her favourite sea life, the crab! With her eyes set on an end goal of one day being in a professional dodgeball tournament, Kal’s driven and passionate personality in everything she does has never failed to impress those she has worked with. As proven though the work that she has achieved thus far, she is determined to make the 2019 Commerce Orientation Week the best one yet.

Thomas Di Sebastiano: Logistics Coordinator

It is CEO’s pleasure to introduce the new Logistics Coordinator, Thomas Ronald Di Sebastiano. This dedicated, humble, and unique commerce student is incredibly excited to treat Orientation Week as if it were his own child, with all the love, care and protection in the world. Ever since his very first day of school, the excitement that Thomas felt every time he saw a school bus can be metaphorically translated to demonstrate his passion and excitement for his education. Thomas’s dedication throughout his academic career made his acceptance into the commerce family so significant, and he has promised to take advantage of this long journey. Although described as a tough guy, Thomas possess a soft side that he only lets a few people see. His favourite place in the world is at home with his family, surrounded by his uncle’s homemade comfort food such as beans, greens, and his famous tomato and potato casserole. As you can see, one of Thomas’s best qualities is found in his commitment to what he loves. His dedication can also be seen in his long and successful career as the Ronald McDonald character within the hospitality and food industry. Queens Commerce class of 2023, meet your extremely excited and dedicated Logistics Coordinator Thomas Di Sebastiano!

Mikayla Mangotich: Logistics Coordinator

Coming from far away, Mikayla Bernita Mango (MBM for short) is definitely one of Milton’s finest. Although, you may think she is from Oakville, as she works, went to high school, and goes to a gym in Oakville. Mik works part-time at the furniture warehouse, where she is frequently reprimanded for her poor building skills. In an attempt to improve, she spent more time honing her engineering skills in the ILC wood shop. However, what she lacks in carpentership, she makes up for with her punctuality and planning skills. Mik is always on time and never forgets anything, which makes her a perfect fit for a Logistics Coordinator. Mik has another true passion for photography.  Her most valuable possession is her camera, and you can see her walking around with her camera around campus. Many people wonder, how does Mik do it all? Stellar student, great group member, part-time mom, accounting TA & Co-Chair for CCC. We can’t figure it out, so ask her about it during Orientation Week. All in all, Mik is a great addition to the CEO team. She makes every meeting fun, efficient and wholesome. We are excited to watch her MBM soar!

William Cao: Leadership Director

Hailing all the way from Ottawa, ON, is our excellent Leadership Director, William Phelps Ciao. Ciao brings a lot of energy and excitement to the role and is always looking to try new things. This past summer, he travelled to Hong Kong where he developed quite a sweet tooth for their incredible local cuisine! Ciao has no sad and no bad days in Goodes Hall, as he has the privilege of being a part of QLEAD, QUIC, and QCA. Ciao loves being involved in the commerce community, specifically, his time on QLEAD where he has the opportunity to connect and transition first-year students. Although extremely busy, he finds time to prioritize the gym. Ciao loves getting involved in athletics. Notably, he’s an avid rower. As a national rower, he was able to work closely with his mates and improve his teamwork and communication skills. Whatever Ciao’s up to, whether it be working his part-time job at Papa John’s or binge-watching an entire season of Game of Thrones, he always gives it 110%. Ciao is looking forward to this upcoming Orientation Week and cannot wait to embrace the incoming class of COMM ’23.

Caitlyn Baillie: Sponsorship Coordinator

Hailing from not quite Toronto is one of CEO’s two sponsorship coordinators, Caitlyn Aubrey Baillie! Caitlyn is known around Goodes Hall for her great attitude and infectious laugh, as well as her ability to blow through large amounts of work by capitalizing on teamwork through working in pods with friends. Caitlyn has been very involved within the Commerce Program - repeatedly sharing her roaring love for QSELF - as well as working as the Corporate Relations Officer for ComSoc. However, as much as Caitlyn loves grinding away at Goodes, her heart will forever belong to the Champagne Papi, her one true love, Drake. Unfortunately for Caitlyn, she has never met Drake, and probably never will. Since first year, Caitlyn has truly come out of her shell, recently discovering that she’s a glasses girl, and her love for the local small businesses on Princess Street. If you ever see someone rushing through Goodes Hall with a Venti Iced Coffee with three shots of espresso, you can bet that it’s Caitlyn - so go on over and say a quick hello! She is more than excited to welcome COMM ‘23.

Sydney Cohn: Sponsorship Coordinator

Coming all the way from the big city, Sydney Gwen Cohn is one of Toronto’s and CEO’s finest.  As a Sponsorship Coordinator, Sydney has been working tirelessly to make sure that Orientation Week is the best week possible.  Coming out of first-year, Sydney also had the privilege to be a part of QSELF, her first love in the Commerce Program. In addition to this, she has also taken on another role with the Commerce Society as the Professional Development Commissioner. Sydney puts her heart and soul into every activity she participates in; this is most notably demonstrated through her time as a camp counsellor. Unbeknownst to many, Sydney has attended camp for most of her life, in which she acquired most of her most valuable traits such as leadership, passion, and enthusiasm.   In addition to her many responsibilities, Sydney also works very closely with our Logistics team and outside Orientation Committees to act as a liaison to ensure everything is running smoothly on all fronts. Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most valuable members of the team, as she never fails to bring around a positive outlook, undeniable hard work, and an infectious giggle.  We cannot wait to see Sydney roar during Orientation Week!

Conor Commons: Treasurer & Academics

Conor Loretta Commons, the golden boy, hails from Toronto, ON, where he was a star athlete and leader from the start. Conor is our amazing Finance and Academics Director, where he takes care of the books. In addition to his time on CEO, Conor, the academic weapon, can be found answering first years’ statistic questions as their beloved TA.


Conor loves long car rides with lots of trees and bumping the best tunes made only before 2010. Conor has also been able to give back to the commerce community, with his past role as Co-Chair of QCSI and a founder of QCMHA. He puts his heart into everything he does and cares for everyone he meets. Some other fun facts about Conor include his love of dancing and wearing eye catching colours, but especially the colour brown. His bright personality matches his style, and we’re so excited to have him as as a part of our CEO family!


Jade Buckley: Marketing Director

Jadoe Bernice Buckley was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario, attending St. Mildred’s College where she was an outstanding prefect. Jade is the crown jewel of CEO, as she has taken the program by storm with a minty fresh outlook on life and business.  Fun fact: Jade and our Logistics Coordinator, Mik Mango, became friends in a pod in Oakville. Jade is an exceptional artist and has been immensely successful in her young career. Whilst at Queen’s Jade has been actively involved in QCEI, QMA, and was an extremely welcoming Orientation Leader. Moreover, Jade has worked as a photographer for a variety of events, most notably, she has been involved with QSELF. Jade is one of the kindest, most genuine individuals in the program. Jade is down to earth and has an exceptional character - we are truly lucky to have her on our team.

Jordana Borzellino: Technical Director

Say hello to the 2019 CEO’s Technical Director, Jordan Carlotta Borzellino! Born and raised in Woodbridge, Ontario, Jordana certainly brings quite the technical skill-set to this year’s team. Arguably one of her best talents, you can see Jordan showcasing her amazing dance skills at the Queen’s Vogue Charity Fashion Show! In addition to this, Jordana also spends her time participating in AYS, QCMHA, and as a Co-Chair for Q3C. However, a few more hidden talents of hers are her amazing dart throwing abilities, incredible caffeine tolerance, and rapping skills. We sure are lucky to have Jordana on our team! Some interesting facts about Jordan are her devotion for both studying engineering on her spare time, as well as, watching Trailer Park Boys. All in all, the Queen’s Commerce Class of 2023 is extremely lucky to have Jordana making the best videos of all time! Jordan(a) cannot wait to meet you all!

Aidan Moore: Special Events Coordinator

Aidan “Moostie” Moore truly puts the “WOWZA” in special events. Aidan is CEO 2019’s Special Events Coordinator and works to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming culture for the team. He has an infectious laugh and brings his singing talents to CEO and QIA. You could say the best day for Aidan is on a bike or building its parts. His parents taught him to respect the Earth, which is why he refrains from driving, wears North Face, and travels by bike. When he has to get in a car, however, you will see him with shades down, riding a Toyota. Aidan is a simple man. He enjoys simple foods, watching movies, and consistently does his errands, such as the dishes. Aidan’s favourite vacation spot is Vancouver. When not in Kingston, he sends his soul to Vancouver in hopes to ride a tandem bicycle. Aidan loves fitness, especially nutrition. The meal he always devours for himself is a lean cut of turkey with Isabella grapes. Perfect macros. Make sure to say "hi" to Aidan in the halls, you will always recognize his bright smile, coffee mug, and he always looks like he’s hiking a trail. Aidan can’t wait for Orientation Week ’19 to happen and welcome the class of COMM ’23!

Bari Altow: First-Year Representative

A Via rail train ride away, Bari Lloyd Altow is from Toronto, Ontario and is the First-Year Representative on CEO. Bari makes the best of even the rainiest days and is a ray of sunshine on CEO, never failing to brighten meetings or events. Bari has spent her first year at Smith making friendships that will last a lifetime, using every new experience to step outside of her comfort zone, and networking with upper year students whenever possible. Bari is always on the move and keeps Queen’s students poppin’ and lockin’ at her Zumba lessons in the ARC. Bari loves to show off her moves and even get up on stage when she has the chance.


Bari loves making new friends and is known for her ability to get incredibly comfortable right away and known as the “Queen of Bracebridge”. The highlight of Bari’s year has been forging such a strong friendship with her classmate Julie, and is grateful for the CEO introducing her. Though first year has been the best experience of her life, Bari knows that it can come with some tough times. Without a roommate, Bari faced a few lonely nights in first year. Not one to mope around, Bari directed these feelings to thinking about her favorite course, Econ, which served as a really great distraction. Bari has recently discovered a love for Italian music and spends her free time exploring the genre - she is hoping to know it really well by Frosh Week. Bari can not wait to meet the Class of 2023 and play a part in making theirs the best Orientation week yet! CEO is so lucky to have her on our team.